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Will Dockery
2011-07-25 22:00:42 UTC
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In alt.arts.poetry.comments on Sun, 24 Jul 2011 18:57:52 -0700 (PDT),
It's good to see new writing from you on the group, Will, and that was
an enjoyable read. i take it from the letters up top (chords?) that
it's a song, but it reads fine as text alone (which means it passes my
poem criterion).
Where is God (alias Michael Cook)?
I've wondered that from time-to-time, myself, PJR... it would be funny
to see you slobber over some of his (cough) poetry again... heh.

<unsnipped for C&C>

Shark Pact Manifesto
E, G, A, E / D, A, C, G
The law of the undertow
it ends at the waterline.
In the Summerville night
not all of us can win.
There we are
where we never really were
Here we are
sidestepping the future.
Smile at me
while you stab me in the back.
Smile at me
make the moment last.
Standing near Ferry Landing
wind stinging my eyes.
Centuries reflect on the river
as you smile from the sky.
Shark Pact manifesto
no one makes a sound.
Silent waiting for the Tie Snake
to drag us Underground
I saw the river darken
so green it turns to black
With the sun fading away
over the edge of Alabama.
Here we are
at the only place you'd allow
There you go
forcing my hand on
another burning bridge.
There we are
where we never really were
Here we go
sidestepping the future.
Smile at me
from out of the past
Smile at me
make it last.
-Will Dockery
"Wobble", "She Came From Overseas" & "Crawford Road Crawl" by Will
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Will Dockery
2011-09-25 14:31:56 UTC
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Starting to get some nice comment/critique of Shark Pact Manifesto, all of
which is welcome, this one from the Facebook version of

Richard Lee Fulgham Hey, I listened to it! GREAT! My hair stood up on end.
"There we are, where we never really were" -- "silent waiting for the tie
snake . . ." -- that is terrific, mind-squeezing, heart touching poetry!

Richard Lee Fulgham This line is tragic and true for most of us: "forcing my
hand on
this burning bridge". How do you do it, Will? It's magic to us who are
neither poet nor genius. Alas -- I am only genius.
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