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Will Dockery
2013-05-09 10:10:25 UTC
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Beltane Cruelties

So if it is not for me to speak to her
Iconic Wayward Muse who smiles
by Alabama campfire
South of town by a number of miles.

Shaken by her ragged beauty
painted up with long time no see.
She sings rock and roll now
out of sight fresh rolled in deep country.

She's in love now
he wishes her the best and him besides
no reason for forgiveness
no reason to cry.

So he can smoke another cigar
Stuffed with something green and fine
Riding the white elephant shotgun
Catching darkness, memory weavers.

Rock and Roll heaven welcomed the new members
One said stop the bomb
one cuts across shortly
while the other touches herself quietly.

Let them say more in the creation of art
although bottom line's purpose is to sell.
The ornament rings like a chime
and the little child smiles.

At the country fair
and with his fair cold judgement
A truly vicious Mister Freeze
taking what has become his by trickery

Derailed the couplement
what happened next couldn't be compared
to the sun and moon
or even the earth and sea's rich greens.

Julie came prepared with a loaded pistol
and all things rare she needed it
Like a Lady in the movie she reminds me of
she doesn't blow on some other guy's dice.

Mulberry has cottonmouth troubles
Rock and roll heaven's air
of mundane good cheer is broken at last
in this huge arrival to the halls.

Oh let me take your hand again
true in love though in lame duck doldrums
truly write you a rock poem valentine.
And then you might believe me,
my love is as clear as Lucky's tenor.

As any motherless child, or any Major dude
though not so bright as either might claim
Gold candles in the ranchero window
fixed for the Lady, the founder
now departed to a level in heaven's air.

-Will Dockery

Notes on Kant:

I published a new poem there in Playgrounds http://www.playgroundsmag.com
last week, but not here yet because I feel like it needs a lot of work, even
for a "draft", but deadline was looming once again as it often has since
1998 and it was fresh and I do like where it's going, so I put it in the May

Now that I have it in print, and thousands of local folks who seem to know
me are looking into my head wondering or "knowing" what it all signifies,
besides some truly horrible typos in the published version, I'm either not
finding the time or inclination to go changing this... Although I fully
intend to. And any C & C out there, as it obviously needs it?

So there it is, rough draft... Comments and critique welcomed.
Will Dockery
2013-05-27 18:59:05 UTC
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Beltane Cruelties / Will Dockery