White Guilt
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2012-07-25 00:49:01 UTC
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the enemy of man peers
with kaleidoscope in hand
at repeating mirrors through doorways
to higher dimensions
all but servile to gravity
and gravity's master plan
of world domination

peering at himself, he blinks
a million, seven billion winks
of eyes watching him drink
frothy tea. Shortly,

he walks to the store to round
out his grocery list overpopulated
with necessity and luxury:
2 cans of beans
tartar sauce
1 lb. fish- trout
a leg of deer
22 caliber rounds
and a fat cook

this should hold off the hounds
growling in his stomach since
greedy bastards stripped the market
of most perishables

and now you, as diplomat
show your card and beast mark
to buy the diamond ring
that'll keep you're belly fed
of necessity and luxury
by paying the fee
for scarcity and greed

The disease creeps up my finger
as I overpopulate the world
2012-07-25 00:56:25 UTC
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